Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EDP Fame 2015

I believe that by now our pupils have come to know about our EDP Fame, which takes place about once a month.

The EDP Fame is a platform for our pupils who love to perform and and to showcase their talents. They will showcase their performance to the audience in the library during their recess time.

Pupils can choose to perform in groups (no. of pupils not limited) or to perform individually. They can choose their type of performance: singing a song, playing with an instrument etc.
They will showcase their performance during the first 10 mins of their recess time in the library.

Since the launch of the EDP Fame in Term 2, it has received much positive response from the pupils. The pupils were eager to showcase their talents and they had enjoyed themselves with their friends during their practices.

Below are some pictures taken during the EDP Fame performances:

Pupils who are interested to perform in Term 3 & 4, you can:

  • Approach Mrs Agnes Ang / Mdm Noraini / Miss Wen Caizhuang or your music teacher
You just need to:

  • Inform us the kind of performance you want to showcase (singing, dancing, playing an instrument etc)
  • The title of your performance
  • The duration of you performance
  • Your members name and class (if any)

If pupils have any queries, do feel free to approach any of the teachers listed above.

Those who have performed before, you are welcome to perform again! 

Cheers! :)

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